April 16, 2021

Covid Rapid Antigen Test Colchester

covid rapid antigen test colchester


Looking for a Covid Rapid Antigen Test in Colchester?


As the roadmap out of lockdown continues, we know that a lot of people are considering leaving the house more frequently, for varying reasons. Whether you are going to visit family outside, looking to return to work, or caring for a vulnerable family member – we are here to help. We are offering Covid Rapid Antigen Tests in Colchester to help you get on with your day, safely.


covid rapid antigen test colchester


Why do I need a Covid Rapid Antigen Test?


Rapid Antigen Testing is designed to detect an active Covid infection. It is used to identify those who may still be spreading the virus, despite not displaying Covid symptoms. This test can prove critical for individuals or businesses who require regular testing to operate. However, this test is not suitable for those who are currently showing Covid symptoms. Due to its rapid nature, our rapid antigen test in Colchester allows for early detection of Covid, so that action can be taken swiftly.


Please Note: If yourself, or anyone within your household, receives a positive result, you should follow current guidance with regards to self-isolating.


What is the difference between the Covid Rapid Antigen Test and a PCR Test?


As mentioned within our Covid PCR Testing blog post, Covid PCR tests detect viral RNA, which forms part of the genetic code of the virus. However, the Rapid Antigen Test specifically checks for the SARS-CoV-2 antigen nucleocapsid protein. Both tests require swab samples, however the rapid antigen test uses a method similar to a pregnancy test. Moreover, your results do not require lab testing; they appear within the kit itself.  We also offer Covid PCR Testing, as well as participating in the Test to Release Scheme, so that you can jet off and return to the UK with your mind at ease.


You can find out further information about the Covid Tests we offer here.


Our Covid Rapid Antigen Test in Colchester


PRICE:£75 with certificate


If you are looking to ensure that you are not currently infection with Covid, we offer a Rapid Antigen Test. A nasal swab is required to carry out your test. Your result will be produced within 15 minutes of you taking the test. Your resulting email certification can be used as proof of a negative result for your return to work, or to give you the peace of mind you need to go about your day safely. Our test is provided by Pharmadoctor; it is fully CE accredited, meaning that it is Government-approved for use.


Our main priority is your safety, as well as making healthcare accessible to all. In providing you with the opportunity for quick, easy testing, we hope to be able to provide you with reassurance in these uncertain times.


Let’s continue to do our part to stop the spread of Covid, together.


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