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Looking for a Covid Test in Colchester?


Colchester Travel Clinic are here to help you. We are offering you the opportunity to bring some normality back into your life. Whether you want to jet off with reliable Fit to Fly testing, cut your isolation short with Test to Release, or gain some peace of mind from our Rapid Antigen Testing – we can provide a reliable Covid test in Colchester to get you where you need to go.



covid test colchester



What is a Covid PCR Test?


Many airlines and countries now require proof of a negative Covid test 48-72 hours prior to travel. PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction; this is used to detect the active presence of Covid-19 antigens. Therefore, this test gives an accurate indication of who is, and is not, infected, offering countries and airlines more control over the spread of the virus.


 An up-to-date list of the countries that require this documentation, as well as guidance on travel restrictions, can be found on the Foreign Office Website. This test is not suitable for those who currently have Covid symptoms, or have experienced symptoms up to 28 days prior. If you fall into either of these categories, you should instead follow Government guidance regarding self-isolation and testing.


What is a Covid Rapid Antigen Test?


Covid Rapid Antigen Tests (also known as a Lateral Flow Tests) are designed to detect the presence of Covid antigens. This test can prove essential for individuals or businesses who require regular testing. Recently, the government has made lateral flow tests available twice a week, to help identify those who are asymptomatic. This encapsulates those who may not be actively displaying Covid symptoms, but may still be spreading the virus. The test is not suitable for those who are currently displaying Covid symptoms.

The rapid nature of our antigen test results allows for early detection of Covid, so that action can be taken swiftly.


What is a Test to Release Test?


The Test to Release Scheme offers you the opportunity to pay for a private Covid-19 test, 5 full days after your return from abroad. If your test comes back negative, you are able to leave isolation. However, if you test positive, you are required to isolate for a further 10 days. This should be calculated from the day you took the test, or from when you first displayed symptoms, whichever occurred first. Moreover, any people you are living or staying with in the UK should also isolate for 10 days from this date.



covid test colchester


Our PCR Tests


Covid PCR Test – Results in 24 hours – £120


At Colchester Travel Clinic, our COVID PCR Test offers you peace of mind for your trip abroad.

This test is carried out during the 72 hour window before you are due to travel; you will complete the swab test yourself. Do not worry, as instructions will be included within the kit. The test involves swabbing your nasal passage, as well as the back of your throat. Your test needs to be registered on the lab’s online portal; once your test is complete, the swab needs to be packaged up and returned to the lab for analysis. You will receive your results, along with your Fit to Fly certificate, via email within 24 hours* of the lab receiving it.


*This is subject to the lab’s processing time.


Our Test to Release Test


PRICE: £120


We also offer you the opportunity to stop your isolation in its tracks with our Covid Test to Release test. This is also a PCR test; it works to detect an active Covid infection following travel abroad. Upon your return to the UK, you are required to isolate for 10 days. However, with our Test to Release testing kit, you will be able to end your isolation following a negative result from a test taken on day 5. If you test positive, you must instead refer to Government guidelines with regards to self-isolation, completing your isolation in your designated quarantine location.


Our Rapid Antigen Test


PRICE: £75 with certificate


If you are not displaying Covid symptoms, but you would like to ensure you are not currently infected, we also offer a Rapid Antigen Test. In order to carry out the test, a nasal swab is required. Following the collection of your sample, you will then await your result, which will be produced within 15 minutes of you taking the test. You will receive a certificate detailing your results via email. This can be used as proof of a negative result for your return to work, or to give you the peace of mind you need to go about your day.


Our swab test kits are supplied by Pharmadoctor; they are fully UKAS accredited.


PLEASE NOTE: You are required to bring your passport to your testing appointment. Moreover, if you test positive following any of the aforementioned tests, you must follow current government guidance with regards to self-isolation.


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