HPV Vaccine

As well as providing Travel Health Services, we also provide Women’s Health Vaccines and medicines. This includes the provision of the HPV Vaccine in Colchester.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a group of very common viruses that affect the skin. There are over 100 HPV viruses and most you know about, but they’re so common that they won’t have caused any long term harm. However, a few strains of HPV are considered “high risk”, and pose a more serious concern. These strains can cause skin lesions in the mouth and genitals, which may lead to the development of cancer.



You may not be able to completely protect yourself against catching HPV. But you can lower your risk by:

— Using a condom during sex

— Having the HPV vaccine

If you’re not eligible for the HPV vaccination on the NHS, you may be able to receive the vaccine privately. Colchester Travel Clinic offers the HPV vaccine.

Our HPV vaccine in Colchester is a course of two or three injections (depending on your age) given in the upper arm. The injections need to be at least six months apart, and all doses must be given for the vaccination to be effective. We are able to provide the HPV Vaccine at a very competitive price.


You can find out more information in our HPV blog post